Strategy Workshop

Learn whether and how remote talent can help your business.

Starting with us as soon as you are considering hiring (remote) tech talent might be the right thing to do. We can help you find answers to questions like: Is an extension of your software development capacity a move that will most likely deliver business value? Does it make sense strategically? Our experts will evaluate your business case, product requirements, current team composition, processes and culture to reveal potential business opportunities and risks. Based on this, we will provide you with a plan to minimize or eliminate risk and a way to capitalize on your opportunities.

When do you need a strategy workshop?

  • When your team is new to remote working and needs a comprehensive hiring and onboarding plan
  • When you need advice on the roles and responsibilities of your remote team members
  • When you want to identify development opportunities and potential risks
  • When you need to optimize the budget, eliminate waste, and reduce risks and time-to-market

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    A global mindset with a single perspective.

    Core9 has its headquarters in Amsterdam and a delivery center in Ukraine. We provide tech talent to small and medium-sized companies. Together with our clients, we facilitate the advancement of technology and innovation.

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    The new standard in software development

    • Expert

      Gain access to a pool of domain experts.
    • Flexible

      Scale capacity up and down as needed.
    • Reduce costs

      Reduce resourcing costs by up to 50%.
    • Effective

      Processes are in place to ensure a smooth integration and customer success.