Dedicated Team

Set up a dedicated software development team in weeks.

Core9 can find the right solution whether you need 1 or 20+ developers. If you already have a development team and are looking to extend it, we can ensure that your new resources are perfectly integrated into your in-house team. Our experts can help you set up, scale, and manage your agile development team. You’ll have direct access to and control over the remote software developers, just like you do with your in-house engineers.

When do you need a dedicated team?

  • When it’s hard to find and attract the right talent
  • When business opportunity exceeds your recruitment capabilities
  • When your core team is occupied and you need backup
  • When local hires are expensive and you need to optimize your budget
  • When your workload is variable and you need flexibility to scale up and down quickly
  • When you need to fill in a skill and/or knowledge gap in your team

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    A global mindset with a single perspective.

    Core9 has its headquarters in Amsterdam and a delivery center in Ukraine. We provide tech talent to small and medium-sized companies. Together with our clients, we facilitate the advancement of technology and innovation.

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    The new standard in software development

    • Expert

      Gain access to a pool of domain experts.
    • Flexible

      Scale capacity up and down as needed.
    • Reduce costs

      Reduce resourcing costs by up to 50%.
    • Effective

      Processes are in place to ensure a smooth integration and customer success.